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4 Distinct BBQ Styles To Choose Between For Your Catered Event

A plate of bbq, either by itself or in the form of a bbq sandwich, is a crowd pleaser, regardless of what type of event you are putting together. There are a number of different bbq catering companies that you can reach out to for mouth watering food when you need it. However, there are plenty of bbq styles available and each have their own unique flavor, preparation method and taste. Because of this, you'll need to have an idea of which style your bbq catering company specializes in before booking them. Use the examples below to learn about some of the most popular bbq styles available. 

The North Carolina BBQ Style

North Carolina barbecue, originating from the city of Lexington, is typically on the dryer side and is cooked with pork shoulder meat. This type of barbecue is smoked and features a number of vinegar, pepper and tomato-based sauces. When eating Carolina barbecue, you will typically see it accompanied by side items such as cabbage and coleslaw as well.

The Kansas City BBQ Style

Kansas City barbecue is prepared and served in large chunks, as opposed to the stringy, pulled pork variety that you will tend to see from other states. The meat is dumped and thoroughly soaked in a tangy barbecue sauce, and features tastes more on the spicy side than sweet. This type of barbecue is typically prepared with cherry wood and smoked in a barbecue pit for hours.

The Kentucky BBQ Style

Kentucky barbecue is typically prepared using either whole shoulder parts or pork butts. The meat is allowed to cook inside of a large barbecue pit for up to 30 hours, typically with hot coals. The taste is savory and vinegar-based, with a dash of hot chili. The meat is usually prepared with butter, lard, or other fatty substances for additional flavor and consistency. 

The Tennessee BBQ Style

Tennessee barbecue is typically tomato based and contrasted with the sweetness of molasses. The barbecue is often prepared with a vinegar and pepper based sauce, and tends to have a more moist consistency than other southern styles. These BBQ plates are prepared in the pulled pork style and often served with sides like cornbread and french fries. This style is central to Memphis and one of the most popular southern styles available.

Keep this information in mind and make sure you reach out a bbq catering company that serves it up the way that you like. For more information, talk to a company like Bassett Caterers.